Saturday, November 1, 2008

How You Can make Money with a Free Website

How to Generate Traffic and Income with Your Free Website

By Robert N. Taylor

The wealth producing potential of the Internet is tremendous and a significant portion of that potential remains untapped. The core principle is that it is possible to start producing a truly handsome weekly income with little or even no upfront expenditure.

One secret starts with obtaining a website. This can be done for free. There are several services on the Web offering free websites and easy-to-follow instructions or templates which enable you to build an impressive looking site in 15 minutes of less. Among those offering such sites are, Synthasite, Weebly and omoEgocia. They include a host of widgets like counters, clocks, weather, national news and more which you can also get for free.

The only requirement is that you allow the website host to run an ad on your site once it is up and functioning.

Further, there are services which will provide content for your website including health, financial, motivational and jobs/business information. Most of these services charge a small fee. But $50 to $75 a year for weekly content which can draw thousands of people to your website is a very good deal. One of the best in this arena is Wealth Gazette Services at .

There are others including various Article Directories which provide free content as long as you allow the authors of the various articles to include a brief plug for themselves or their website at the end of the article.

Your free website can be monetized (turn it into a money-maker) in a number of ways. Among the three most powerful are affiliation with AdSense – a service which will actually place advertisements on your website for free. You get paid based on the number of people from your website who log onto the ads AdSense places. Second, many of the services from which you acquire your free website will offer to place ads with you. Again, you make money every time someone visiting your website clicks onto the ads which have been placed on your site.

The third best way of generating income is to sell ads on your website yourself. This approach will be the only one of the top three which requires any significant activity on your part. Other than selling ads yourself, you can pretty much put your website on automatic pilot and watch as it produces money while you play and sleep.

The key problem area which can prevent the above money-making dream from coming true is the failure to attract a sufficient number of visitors to your free website. If there is not traffic on your site, no money will be made. However, there is a no-cost way to tackle this problem.

There are at least fifty prominent Article Directories and Press Release Services to which you can post articles and press releases promoting your website and thus encourage thousands of people to visit it. It will cost you nothing to post promotional articles or press releases to these directories. The most dominant ones include EzineArticles, IdeaMarketers, Amazines and ArticleMarketer. Again, there are services which will write and post the article or press release for a small fee.

The bottom line is that you can start with a free website and in a few weeks have impressive cash flowing into your pockets with little or no upfront expenditure.

Robert N. Taylor conducts extensive research on the Internet and its power to generate money for average people. Additional information on acquiring a free website and producing handsome income is available at his website: .

Earn Money - Bidvertiser FREE to join, Make Money to publish ads and referrals

" I have finally decided to join Bidvertiser, An online advertising program for both advertisers and publishers. Because I think it is a good deal, besides, it’s compliance with Google Adsense, so there is nothing to lose, but more to gain. All you need is not to display similar ADs as Goole Adsense."
Some people argue that Bidvertiser do not have high paying keywords and etc. I find that funny because most of the keywords and niche you are in, perhaps you might find it very cheap then realising your niche has too many contents spamming around already. However, all those top earner sites have bidvertiser ads display even though they would say, their pay is low. To be honest, I have no idea. :)

For example, It is very painful to have ads on my site, because nowadays everyone is using making money online as a key-phrase and half the time, most sites will ask you to sign up, force and tell you to buy or resell. Therefore, ads around money making online become cheap keywords and perhaps used by more publishers than more advertisers. You only need to find the real deal out of it. As for myself, I found some useful sites by using “making money online” key-phrase, but most of them are useless to me too.

Ok, here are the reasons why I choose bidvertiser.

1. FREE to join
2. Fast Paid Amount ($10 for paypal, $50 for check)
3. Money can be used as advertiser, referrer or publisher)Can be advertiser, referrer and/or publisher at the same time.
4. Very easy to choose, setup and configure.
5. Comprehensive tools and help.
6. Great customer relationship
7. Variety types of Ads
8. PPC (pay-per-click based, meaning, you get paid every time it gets clicked legitimately, no need to wait for completion of sales you refer or person you refer, one click creates sudden earning)
9. Great control of click fraud.
10. All of the above knowledge I have done in just a couple of hours. Exactly, two hours and all set and done for me. Very easy to setup and great pay.

Even in my category which has more publisher than advertisers, I can see there are some clicks worth over $7 per click, which is pretty impressive, if you have solid traffic and fantastic content, I am sure you will get that kind of click more often. So, you can either become Advertiser, Publisher, and Referrer at the same time. Become one or all of them, and start making money.

As a advertiser, you can have two types,

* Display your ads on your website or blog &
* Display your eBay auctions.

So, there are a lot of opportunities to earn money on, As I have stated before, you definitely need web traffic to convert these earnings, so, please do not sign up unless you have at least, 100 unique visitors a day. So, please build up the traffic and prepare for making making sources at the same time. I will just display some of the ads here as an example, you have several types of pre-defined set as well as custom made ones as well.


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